Web Programming 

X75 STUDIOS has a great deal of experience designing and implementing client-side programming (browser executed) and Server-side programming (server executed). Programming gives your Web site the ability to interact with your clients rather than simply serving them information. This is accomplished by using PHP and MySQL programming.

PHP / My SQL Programming

PHP is one of the hottest scripting languages to be found on the Internet today. The fact that PHP code can be inserted directly alongside HTML makes the language all the more convenient. Some features in using PHP include performing sophisticated mathematical calculations, providing network information, offering mail and regular expression capabilities, and much more.

PHP's strongest feature is its database interfacing capability. Connecting a database to the Internet has never been so easy. What's more, it supports many of the most popular database servers on the market, including MySQL (perhaps the most powerful database server found on the market today).

With X75 Studios advanced PHP and MySQL programming you will get a top-notch dynamic, database-driven Web site. Whatever your programming needs, our top-notch programmers can provide the solution.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions regarding programming capabilities or pricing.

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